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Recruitment and staff selection in Poland

The aim of the recruitment process is to find suitable candidates and verification of candidates who meet the formal requirements for this position.
Stages of the project:

1. Characteristics of the candidate.
At this stage, we collect information about the company. Define responsibilities for a particular job. We are trying to determine the characteristics that a potential employee should have. We take into consideration: education, experience, knowledge of foreign languages. Together with the customer we are trying to determine what is expected from the candidate our client. What will be the place in the structure of the company's new employee.

2. Selection of Candidates.
Finding suitable candidates and interviews, verification of their skills in customer requirements, assess the knowledge, skills, professional aptitude.

3. Presentations of candidates.
Presentation of selected candidate and provide information to the client.

The warranty is part of our recruitment services. The guarantee is implemented regardless of the reason for termination of employment contracts between the client and our candidate. The minimum warranty period is three months.