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Инвестирование в недвижимость в ПольшеRUS

Pension in a mountain resort in Poland, guesthouse in a mountain resort in Poland

If you are looking for additional sources of income, the solution can be an investment in a hotel or guesthouse.

Own guesthouse or hotel is a business that many people dream of. No wonder that the market for buying-selling this type of property in Poland is growing. The minimum budget needed to start a modest hotel activity can be estimated at 350 000 EUR.

The construction or purchase of a large hotel can cost a few or over a dozen million. Person who is considering starting this type of business has a choice of two solutions. We can buy the land, get the necessary permits, supervise the construction of the facility, and then take care of its functioning. The second solution is to purchase the finished object. Undoubtedly, the first solution is more risky, but on the other hand it should result in a higher potential profitability of the property.

When buying a finished object we have an easier task, because based on its existing activity we can estimate the rate of return. It must be remembered, however, that as every business, so running a guest house or a hotel requires not only enthusiasm, but also experience and skills. Purchase of a small guesthouse in the mountains should returned after 10-15 years.

Sales offer guest houses in the mountains is considerable. For purchase, there are both closed objects and new or upgraded and well-managed guesthouses with high occupancy. You will be able to choose from small cameral objects that may host 10-15 people, and larger objects for 30-50 people. Rarely offered are large hotel and guesthouses at least for one hundred people.

The size of the facility depends on the local zoning plan. The most difficult to buy a nice guesthouse in the center of the mountain resort. The interest in such real estate is considerable. New real estate in the city center sell quickly despite the high prices. The buyers appreciate the proximity of the city attractions such as the theatre, cinema, playgrounds and the multitude of restaurants.

On a relatively small scale, for example, you can operate in a guesthouse located in the Beskids Mountains. For sale there was a house of 500 sq. m. with 12 rooms for rent (38 beds), on a plot of 20 ares. There is also a restaurant, billiards room and parking. The offer price is 350 000 EUR. Rental of accommodation in the season is high.

Another property is an equipped guesthouse (400 sq. m.) with a high standard in the spa zone of a mountain village on a 20 ares plot. There are 9 rooms on three floors. The property has been priced by the owner at 500 000 EUR. The location of the property is very attractive, therefore the use of it only for tourist purposes (rooms for rent) can bring considerable profits.

When trying to do this kind of business, you need to think about well-trained employees. The profitable guesthouses offer a high standard of accommodation and services, like a spa area and a restaurant.

In today's market situation, it is worth considering buying a small pension for about 30 people. For the purchase it is worth considering additional infrastructure, such as swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, playground. It is also important to communicate the property and the proximity of attractions such as the ski slopes and thermal pools.

Investing in real estate in Poland

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