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Advisor in real estate investment in Poland

Making such an important decision as buying real estate abroad should be deliberate and conscious. We meet the needs of our clients and make every step taken by them a guarantee of success. Our purpose is that our clients, feeling safe and comfortable, can make the most important decisions related to real estate.

When looking for real estate in a foreign country, legal advice is necessary to ensure safe completion of transaction. The scope of our services includes consulting and coordination of all activities aimed at purchasing real estate and selling real estate. Through to cooperation with us, you will find many attractive offers.

We offer investors advice in choosing right real estate. Depending on your needs, we will provide professional legal advice on the advantages of a given type of real estate, as well as the risks associated with its acquisition. We know the detailed rules, regulations and requirements for both agricultural land and real estate. We make sure that our client can understand the intricate terms of the law "on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners", so that foreign regulations and phrases become understandable and simple for him.

We know perfectly how are difficult decisions to purchase real estate. Foreigners planning to buy real estate in Poland have a more difficult task, precisely through the prism of a foreign country. In our experience, we have learned about many surprising problems related to the purchase of real estate, which confirmed our belief that a purchase should be consulted with a real estate investment advisor in Poland.

Looking at the growing demand for consulting services in investing in real estate in Poland, we have such an offer for people who want to buy real estate in Poland. Of course, it is possible for a foreigner to purchase real estate from a developer, agency or other person, provided that conditions of the aforementioned act. However, knowing the many negative effects of purchasing such a property, without the prior support of an advisor, the buyer exposes himself to additional costs, which we help to avoid.

We will help you go through complicated formal and legal process related to obtaining building conditions, building permits, preparing documentation for the purposes of reporting completion of construction (eg chimney and gas approvals, energy certificates ...) and signing contracts with utility suppliers.

We pay particular attention to the legal status of a given property. Unfortunately, there are cases of concealing fact of pledging a given property, burdening with easement, pending disputes or unconfirmed deeds of ownership. The purchase of such dubious real estate causes serious problems for the buyer with disposition of theoretically his property, or at least no chance to recover invested savings without judicial interference.

We guarantee all kinds of information on the requirements for the purchase of a given property, indication of mandatory activities before final conclusion of transaction, protecting buyer from negative consequences. With our help, Polish real estate will be your property.

We offer advice on the purchase of real estate:
- we check offer price of property in terms of its actual value
- we assess the legal status of real estate
- we help prepare documents needed for purchase or sale
- we analyze contract before buying
- we perform building condition measurements before purchase
- we help in negotiations with the seller
- we advise and help investors find real estate
- we generally guide you through process of purchasing a property.

For further information on how to invest in real estate in Poland, click here. We look forward to working with you and if you want to learn more about how to invest in real estate in Poland or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.